Our Vision

To bring like minded individuals together to be referral partners in the pursuit of growth and expansion while having a great time


Connect with like minded individuals with similar goals. Being around others with big vision and ambition is contagious.


Invest in your business’s future by taking action and planting seeds via a broad network of individuals


Find others in the group who are in a similar field to work with and expand your business connections.

Networking at Noon Happens Every Thursday 12:00 – 1:00 PM!

How It Works

Grand Rapids Networking at Noon will run from 12:00pm-1:00pm every Thursday. Everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and their company. Everyone will also have a chance to share what’s new in the community or what’s hot (tools, events, etc.) and one member each week will be given a 10 minute presentation to further explain and educate about their business.

The Team

Our Leadership Team

Carlos Kulas-Dominguez



Brady Gilliam

Vice President

Visionaery Productions

John Brown

Secretary of Treasury

JBMD Creations

Networking at Noon Is Giving Back!

As members we are offering services and education free of charge to give back to small businesses and individuals affected by the economic shut down.

Check out our offerings below: