What Will This Get Me?

Access to an entire group of people's own personal and professional networks is what you will have access to. One member may come into contact with hundreds of different clients throughout the year and for each one they do that individual may have a need that one of the other members of the group can fill.

This is the main function of the group.

The function of this group is not to actively sell each others services to other members of the group as a sales tactic, though this sometimes does happen voluntarily as you do befriend a lot of individuals that offer a lot of different services you may use.

There are many secondary benefits as well, such as:


Power Groups

There are "power groups" within the group where you can grow exponentially by linking up with their partners. Within the group there are web developers, videographers, and graphic designers, for example. These individuals trade a lot of business with each other and bring each other to other companies, business networking events, and meetings which will then provide them with all kinds of different connections and opportunities. This is a powerful secondary benefit to the group.

Educational Presentations

Every week a group member will do a 10 minute presentation about his or her industry. There is an immense amount here you can learn about different businesses and walks of life.

Learn and Grow Together

Learning details about all of the different industries in the world and developing a broad overview of how business works in all these different areas. There is a lot of education there if you take the time to listen and think. The education you can get from this will surprise you, there are so many things to learn about how business and sales works and this is a close up and personal environment where you can take all of this in.