What happens during the meeting?

The group meets virtually through Zoom every Thursday at noon! Click Here to learn how to attend

Here is the agenda:

  • Open Networking
    • Those who arrive early are free to socialize and catch up with each other and how each others personal and business lives are doing.
  • Welcome Members, Visitors, & Guests
    • This is where the president of the group will address all those in attendance
  • Explain groups purpose and goal
    • Here's where the president will re-iterate what we're doing here for members and guests
  • Introduce Leadership
  • Pass business card binder
    • A chance to take business cards from the binder and also re-fill your slot as needed
  • Weekly Presentations (60 second commercial)
    • This is an opportunity for each member to tell the group what they do and also announce their "ask", which is what they're looking for at the current time. Examples; a realtor looking for someone with a house of a certain price range; a photographer looking for weddings etc.
    • We like to keep this concise so we can stay on time.
  • Networking Education
    • The Education Coordinator will share a blurb with the group about something related to networking, business, success etc. It's an opportunity for the group to discuss how to best practice business success.
  • Welcome new members
  • Featured Presenter
    • Every week 1 member will do a 10 minute presentation. This basically is an instruction on how to pitch their products / services. As you attend more and more meetings you'll get a deeper understanding of what each member does and what they can do for their clients.
  • Referrals, Testimonials, Reality Check & Upcoming Events
    • This is the time in the meeting where we share what referrals we've gotten from other members, what referrals we have for other members, testimonials on how a deal went with a referred client, and what events each members business may be involved in that may be of interest to members of the group
  • VP Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Membership Committee Report
  • Visitor Feedback
  • President Closes Meeting