Networking at Noon Online

Networking at Noon is still fully operating every Thursday via Zoom 12pm-1pm as scheduled!

We’re passing referrals, having 1 on 1 meetings to learn about the members in the group, and generating business for each other still.

We’ve developed a system where we can submit our referral slips online right on the website with only a few clicks, which pop up in a spreadsheet for us all to be able to see, track and record.

We’ve integrated Stripe payments so that we can pay online instead of by check like we’d done in the past. This allows us to fully operate online without hiccups!

We’ve been able to adapt to the online world and continue to strive forward.

Check out our video by Brady Gilliam of Visionaery Productions on what this looks like:

If you are interested and would like to attend up to 2 meetings for free to see what we’re all about, send us an email here and let us know what you do and we’ll contact you about how to attend!