New Members Page

Our new members page is live!

Check out all our members here

This is where you can see everyone in the group with all of our contact information, our profession and where we work and all of our social media channels if you’d like to find out more about us!

The exciting part (for me at least) is that we have online payments setup and everyone creates a profile for the website when doing so, and the member profiles are linked to that and all their information is there for us to display! This is the direction Networking at Noon is going in for doing all online virtual Zoom meetings!

We’ve got membership dashboards, leadership dashboards, Google Groups to allow us to easily contact all of leadership with one email address, and many more technical conveniences that make networking with us online easy even for those that aren’t tech savvy themselves!

Don’t hesitate to contact us and see if networking is something you’d like to get involved with.