Networking at Noon Welcomes You!

Thank you for your interest in expanding your business and network with the Grand Rapids Networking at Noon referrals group.

Meeting in the Grand Rapids area every Thursday at 12:00-1:00 PM

Grow Your Business

Referrals work. Having a trusted, warm introduction to a new potential customer turns into closed business a high rate.

Form Power Groups

Within the group you can meet individuals working in similar industries which can help expand your business connections even further

Join a Community

Form new relationships and work with trusted, local businesses and become part of the Grand Rapids community

Grow Your Confidence

Becoming part of a community with similar mindsets and goals can help you become even more confident in your own goals.


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Why Networking at Noon?

Referrals Grow Your Business

Referral business is one of the most valuable lead sources out there. Having a friend or colleague refer a business comes with an incredible amount of trust and removes a lot of the pressures of finding a new product or service.


With the low cost of only $60 per quarter to join our group, the cost to entry is incredibly low.

Relaxed Environment

While we strive for accountability with our members, we like to have fun and enjoy the process. Networking at Noon has done away with incredibly strip policies that can make a networking group even more stressful when trying to also run a business.

Who Can Join?

Professions In Our Group

Anyone who’s job or business requires new customers on a regular basis qualifies. At the moment we have:

  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Construction Companies
  • Web designer
  • Videographer

Being in these industries means you meet a lot of new people. This is a fantastic opportunity to offer vetted services they might require

Professions of Interest

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we’re also currently looking for:

  • CPA
  • Lawyers
  • HVAC
  • Lawn Care
  • Painter
  • Decorator

If you’re not on this list don’t worry! Contact us via the form below and we’ll let you know if your profession is one that would be a great fit or not.

What To Expect

  • Zero Pressure - 2 FREE Visits

    Fill out one of the contact forms on this page and one of our recruiters will reach out to you and answer any questions you have about the group and how to attend.

  • 30 Second Intro

    Once you've arrived, you'll be warmly greeted by our members and get you a seat at one of our tables. We'll do our 30-60 second introductions and then you can sit back and watch how we operate and exchange referrals.

  • Enjoy The Show

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  • Apply & Grow With Us

    If you enjoyed the meeting and think you may be a good fit for Networking at Noon you can request an application to fill out and submit and join us as we grow our business, community and relationships.

Grow With Us Today

Submit your contact information below and we’ll have one of our recruiters reach out to you to let you know how to join us and answer any questions you might have about how we operate!